Research paper vs. essay -what is the difference?

The differences between a research paper and an essay are quite clear and obvious. These are two kinds of academic papers that require different methodologies, though they are the same to some degree. The essayist needs to stick to some essential principles, as this task aims to verify whether the student has extraordinary writing aptitudes […]

What is the role of bureaucracy in India

A fixed and competent component of the governing executive body is the Administration or Civil Service. The public service is usually described as non-political, independent, permanent and competent. It administers the policy in compliance with the democratic executive’s policies and laws. The quality and effectiveness of the state administration depend on the standards and effectiveness […]

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As students, we all experienced this moment of absolute terror in which all of a sudden we recall the role which we were asked to give tomorrow weeks before. And we know, of course, that we haven’t done anything yet. You don’t even have the time, no matter how intelligent you write, to create a […]